About Me

Hello! My name is Lisa and I LOVE to bake. So much so in fact, that I used to look for excuses to bake something delicious (birthdays, graduations, holidays-even made up ones), but have now found that I don't need an OCCASION to bake, simply a DESIRE to bake (which i have plenty of). Luckily, I have many willing taste-testers in my life to devour anything I make!

How did I become so baking-obsessed you may ask? It probably all stemmed from watching and helping my mother bake growing up. I mean, when you watch your mother start baking delicious Christmas cookies on an almost daily basis from November into December (not to mention everything else made throughout the year), how can you not develop an interest?

Neither my husband nor the rest of my family and friends have any complaints of my baking habit, and it's good thing, because I don't plan on stopping any time soon! This blog is basically a way to further share my adventures in baking. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do baking!